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Selecting the Best Marketing Scents for Your Business

Filling business space with scents can increase productivity, raise revenues, foster creativity, and prevent the dreaded haze that arrives around mid-afternoon. Scents are powerful because smell is processed along with memories and emotions in the same part of the brain. This means people often associate feelings and moods with what they smell at any time. While this may or may not be a conscious connection, one is made all the same.

How to Begin

First, find a diffuser delivery system that utilizes cold air-diffusing technology opposed to heat or chemicals. This is more efficient because the oils are not diluted or evaporated so they last longer. Cold air releases consistent scent in a dry mist that is fine. This is important for two reasons.

The first is safety. There will be no residue on surfaces. People will not slip and fall on a slippery spot on the floor below the diffuser. The second is that the mist will not result in flare-ups of allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues for employees, clients, visitors, or customers.

What is the Desired Response?

The answer to that question will inform the decision regarding marketing scents for your business. There are over one-hundred scents available for the Aromatech brand of diffuser systems, so changing scents will not be issue. On the website, scents are divided into helpful categories.

A spa owner, for example, may want to select relaxing scents, such as bamboo and unwind. If the spa caters to an upscale clientele, it may be more appropriate to choose Casmir or zesty champaca from the luxurious category.

The Office

Picking scents from the stimulating suggestions will help invigorate employees after lunch. Try pure energy, orange spice or happy and see if those work. A serenity or white tea scent can keep the atmosphere calm during the planning phases of a new project. There is even a scent called stress reliever for crunch times.


Scents are packaged in bundles to help business owners save money. A subscription provides one bundle every quarter for a discounted rate. Bundles can also be sold one at a time. Single scents are always offered separately to accommodate the needs and preferences of the owner or manager.