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Reviewing Regulations For Diesel Exhaust Fluid

In the US, the Clean Air Act regulates all emissions released from motor vehicles. The legislation outlines specific standards for each type of automobile or motorized vehicles to control emissions. Currently, the laws require specific stipulations for owners of fleet trucks. Reviewing regulations for diesel exhaust fluid shows fleet owners what is expected and penalties that apply.

Conducting Maintenance at Required Intervals

Maintenance services must be completed at the required intervals. According to reports, the fleet owners use up to four gallons of the fluid for every 100 gallons of diesel fuel. The standard indicates a refill is needed after traveling about 800 miles. However, the make and model of the fleet truck and current fuel prices affect the quantity used.

Using the Selective Catalytic Reduction System

The selective catalytic reduction system utilizes the fluid to convert the nitrous oxide into a safer mixture of water and nitrogen. The conversion lowers harmful gas emissions released into the environment. The system helps fleet owners maintain their vehicles and reduce certain costs. For example, the system and fluid reduce the total number of oil changes needed. The combination also provides the vehicle with better fuel efficiency and horsepower.

Using Non-Road Emergency Vehicles

No-road emergency vehicles are covered under a different regulation. The vehicles must also have the selected catalytic reduction system, but the law gives the owners a little breathing room. The restrictions don’t apply if the vehicle is operated while attempting to save human lives. However, new changes require the owners to pass inspections and perform maintenance as directed.

Using the Right Accessories

Each of the fleet or large-scale vehicle owners must use proper containers for the exhaust fluid. The fluid must be stored at a safer temperature. Essentially, it cannot be exposed to excessive heat and it cannot freeze.

In the US, the Clean Air Act outlines EPA regulations for controlling gas emissions. The law applies to maintaining control of nitrous oxide emissions from motorized vehicles. The vehicles require a selected catalytic reduction system which uses a specific exhaust fluid. Vehicle owners who want to review the laws and exhaust fluids contact a supplier now.