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Reasons Why You Should be Counselled by a Christian Marriage Counsellor

The fact that most marriages today are on the verge of breaking due to marital challenges cannot be denied. The issues that are prevalent for most marriages include the issues of infidelity, external interferences from friends and families, misunderstanding due to misuse of family funds et cetera et cetera. Whenever lovebirds are faced with any of these challenges, many of them resolve to seek the help of professional counsellors to see if they can restore their marriages.

In as much as the option of using the marriage counselors may sound right and the only available avenue for reconciling disagreeing partners, it ought to be noted that not every counselor is meet to handle all the issues a marriage may have. Over and above the ordinary marriage counsellors, there are Christian marriage counsellors who have the necessary skills to do the reconciliation work for marriages on the rocks. The benefits of involving a Christian marriage counsellor are usually many.

First, Christian marriage counselors are trained just like the normal professional counselors. However, the Christian counselors have something the normal counselors do not have a divine calling. The divine calling on the lives of these counsellors puts them at an advantage over the normal counsellors. Owing to this fact therefore, they have the prowess to discern the root cause of your marriage disputes and therefore are able to diagnose a long lasting solution for your marriage.

Christian marriage counselors could also do prayers for your marriage. Through their prayers, these counselors can intervene in the most trying of the marriage disputes. The power of prayer is undeniably great since it is only through prayer that the power of the Great Deity is introduced to your marriage. If indeed this Deity had the power to speak the world into being, ex nihilo, why should it be considered incredible that He can actually heal a marriage that is on the verge of breaking?

Finally, the marriage counselor who is a Christian is also more concerned in fulfilling their divine duty than anything else. For this class of counselors, they choose to go out of their way to do everything humanly possible to restore your marriage relationship. For any other class of counsellors, their priority may not be to just help your marriage heal but they may have ulterior motives such as trying to fleece you by protracting the counselling sessions. This is, however, never the case with professional Christian marriage counsellors who discharge their duties in strict adherence to the counselling code of conduct as well as the dictates of the Holy Writ. These benefits can only be enjoyed when we learn to take our marriage issues to professional marriage counsellors.

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